I mentioned above that my husband is the reason behind Amelia Jo Photo and it's true. It all started when I told my husband (Grant) I wanted to buy a "nice" camera for our upcoming trip. He looked at me and said, if you buy a camera, you have to make a business out of it. I looked at him and said "challenge accepted". 

Until that point, I had never even picked up a professional camera. I spent weeks researching, learning, taking horrible photos, and almost gave up because I didn't think I would ever be "good enough". Bless my husband and his stubbornness because he wouldn't let me quit. He knew I was capable before I did. I spent more weeks learning and practicing and finally felt comfortable enough to try to book sessions. 

Fast forward to today and I have not only fallen in love with photography, but I am expanding my business and adding an internship to mentor other photographers on growing their business.

The backstory of

More About ME

I am married to the most amazing and selfless man whom I thank God for daily. He is my biggest advocate and reason Amelia Jo Photo exists. I'll explain this a little later :) I'm the happiest mama to the most sweet baby boy, Garrison. Becoming parents has been the best gift we could have ever asked for. I could go on and on about this but I'll just end by saying being a mother changed everything for me, including how I run my business. 

Together, our growing little family lives in the "First City on Mississippi River" helping each other live out our dreams as young entrepreneurs, travelers, and of course Nespresso coffee connoisseurs.

owner, photographer, wife, mother, Minnesotan, lover of hot drinks and cheese boards. 

Hey, Hi, How are ya? I'm Amelia, 

We might have an addiction and I'm okay with it. We are obsessed with murder and crime podcasts, criminal tv shows, murder docuseries, and a good cliffhanger novel.

Murder, crime, mystery oh my!

Our fur babies are our loves.
Meet George, a slightly overweight old man tuxedo cat with long whiskers and extra fluffy fur. Loves face rubs and food. 
Meet Teddy, an attention seeking Rough Collie with the biggest heart, longest nose, and loves to weave between your legs and food handouts.

The Romba can't keep up.

We might not be the most savvy of the DIYers out their, but damn we have gotten really good at making ugly homes beautiful! Three years and three homes later, we know a thing or two about painting, screwing, hammering, and filling holes. 

Paint, screw, hammer, and trips to HomeDepot.

We love traveling. Whether its road tripping, flying, cruising down the river, or snowshoeing, we love exploring new places, eating local cuisine, and spending time together as husband and wife and as a family.

National parks, airplane rides, and beaches.

Lets get something straight.... red wine is the superior wine. But for real, red wine for me, a German Blonde for him and a bottle of house white milk for the baby.

A glass of wine and a good book before bed.

In our free time...

what to expect


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