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A Guide to In-Home Newborn Photography

Before diving into my in-home newborn photography guide, I want to say CONGRATULATIONS!!! on your little bundle of joy! As a mom of two little boys, becoming parents has been the sweetest gift we could have ever asked for! And it also has shown me exactly how precious and important it is to capture all these sweet, fleeting moments with your little ones. 

As an experienced Minnesota family photographer, I’ve had the honor to capture many beautiful families and their babies. I wanted to share how to prepare for your newborn photo session at home. My goal is to make it an enjoyable, relaxing experience for you all! So, let’s get into it!

Sweet family in-home newborn photography session

Why Choose In-Home Newborn Photography?

In-home newborn photography is perfect for capturing your family in the most authentic and natural way. What makes your home the best location for a newborn photoshoot?

Comfort and Convenience

Your home is your sanctuary. It’s where you and your baby feel most relaxed and at ease. Plus, everything you need is right there! There is no need to pack a bag or stress about forgetting something important.

Embrace the Imperfect

In-home sessions are all about embracing the ‘real.’ You love the messy, cherish the chaotic, and value the imperfect moments that come with parenthood, and that’s what I aim to capture!

Natural Environments Over Staged Props

Say goodbye to awkward props and costumes! In-home newborn photography focuses on capturing your baby in natural, everyday settings, making every photo feel timeless and genuine.

Celebrate the Everyday Moments

It’s the little things—reading stories, snuggling on the couch, the goofy playtimes—that make the most heartwarming memories. Let’s capture these magical everyday moments before they slip away!

Do I Need to Clean the House?

I know this is a big worry when you invite anyone into your home. And I also know how challenging it is to keep anything tidy with the little ones around!!

Your home doesn’t need to be spotless or perfect or Pinterest-worthy. It’s all about capturing your family in its natural habitat, haha! All we really need is a nice spot next to a window with some natural light!

How To Prepare Your Baby For Your Newborn Photo Session

When it comes to preparing for your newborn photo session at home, it’s important that your baby is comfortable and well-fed. You know your baby best, so we should schedule a time after a feed so they are happy and relaxed.

I also know that anything can happen with a baby! They can spit up, need a diaper change, anything – it’s okay! We’ll clean your little one up, change them into new clothes, and continue from there!

A sweet little baby in his crib

How to Book Your In-Home Newborn Photography Session

If you’d like to have me capture your newborn photo session, I recommend reaching out in your second trimester. I know how quickly time flies and schedules get busy, so booking earlier is one less thing to worry about once your little one arrives! You can reach out to me here!

What to Wear for Your In-Home Newborn Photo Session

Worried about what to wear? Don’t be! My style is all about natural and neutral tones. I provide all newborn swaddles and clothing and offer helpful advice for family outfits, ensuring a cohesive, timeless look! 

Embrace the Silly and Snuggly!

I’m there to encourage you to be yourselves. Let’s get those authentic smiles and giggles from everyone! In-home newborn photography is about celebrating your family exactly as it is and capturing those close, snuggly images that will melt your heart whenever you look back at them!

During the session, I’ll invite you to play, read stories, and share sweet kisses with your littlest ones. And, of course, if at any point your baby or the older siblings need to eat or be comforted, you can absolutely take the time to do so. We can pause and resume when you’re all ready! It comes with territory! 😉

Amelia Jo Photo | Minnesota Family Photographer

I believe in capturing the real, unfiltered beauty and everyday moments of your family life. And the process isn’t just about the pictures; it’s about creating precious memories and celebrating your journey as a family.

Ready to get booked in for your in-home newborn photography session? Send me a message! I can’t wait to hear from you!


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Minnesota based wedding and lifestyle photographer living in good ole Bemidji, MN. I specialize in capturing moments of love from birth to marriage and everything in between.

hey you!

I'm Amelia








Minnesota based wedding and lifestyle photographer living in good ole Bemidji, MN. I specialize in capturing moments of love from birth to marriage and everything in between.

hey you!

I'm Amelia